The Engaging Educator specializes in Customized, improv-based education

We provide classes, programs and workshops that polish presentation skills, increase storytelling abilities and enhance communication, initiative and flexibility by utilizing improv muscles. We treat every client as an individual, developing customized programs that work with your audience, group and team.

Using improv and performance pedagogy as professional development and continuing education for non-actors, we’ve worked with a wide range of professions, from Fortune 500 companies to startups to schools, and every program we do is created with our client’s goals in mind. We aren’t the cookie-cutter trust fall team building company  – and we aren’t actors that need to be translated to your coworkers. We’re a passionate team of educators and professionals that love what we do and do it well!

Since 2012, we’ve improv(ed) companies like Google, Viacom and Saks Fifth Avenue, worked with museums like the Guggenheim and SFMOMA, collaborated with organizations like ABC of NC Child Development Center and run programs for countless individuals. Based in NYC and Winston-Salem, NC (and with a LA chapter launching!), we’ve led programs in over twenty states, bringing our brand of ‘yes, and’. Thanks for visiting and let us know how we can help you improv(e)!

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