Realizing the connection between improvisation and COmmunication Skills,
The Engaging Educator specializes in improv-based education.

We provide classes that polish and enhance skills by flexing improv muscles. Beyond our classes for educators and professionals, we also specialize in improv for high school students, corporate workshops, and improv for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Since 2012, we have visited twenty states for workshops at numerous institutions, completed two TEDx Talks on the power of Improv, and collaborated with museums, schools, theatres and corporations, all seeking to improv(e) with our brand of Yes, And.

With the idea in mind that improv is “going to the gym for your brain”, we believe it is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced consistently. We’re helping people becoming more present and aware in their daily lives – it is not our goal to make actors; our classes are strictly for people looking to work on skills unrelated to performing as a career. Our mission lies in the idea that improv is a valuable professional and personal skill, and everyone can improve themselves through improv. Thanks for stopping by, and start to improv(e)!

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