Improv(e) your team with customized workshops to fit your corporate needs.

The push for improv in the workspace is real: our corporate clients include multiple fields such as public relation firms, medical companies, high-end retailers, and engineers. You name it, we’ve certainly done a “Yes, and!” with our diverse clientele.

What’s so different about our approach? We keep things manageable and customized – each corporate inquiry starts with a call to talk about your goals. Then our team of educators creates a plan that focuses on your individual needs to improve your team. Your workshop will be unique, just like your company and will focus on your professional development needs.

We’ve polished presentation skills, focused on listening and client interaction, enhanced communication skills, increased initiative and positive risk taking and provided a fun experience (one that doesn’t involve rock-climbing or trust falls!) with companies around the US.

Take a look at our company offerings brochureemail us for more information on how your group can “Yes, and!” or check out some sample focuses below! You can also peek at our (growing) client list to see who we’ve Improv(e)d in the corporate sector.

Step out of the box with tailored continuing education and development workshops that help your company level up. Impersonal mass produced products and experiences aren’t your thing, so why should your professional development be?

Q. How long are your workshops?
A. Workshops range from half hour intro sessions to full day intensives. We also hold recurring workshops with many clients.

Q. Where do you hold your workshops?
A. Most clients bring us onsite for sessions, but we have a variety of rental spaces we utilize for offsite sessions.

Q. How much do workshops cost?
A. Because our work is customized, prices vary. We find we can easily whip up a proposal and budget estimate after a quick phone call to discuss your participants and goals.

Q. How many people can participate in a session?
A. This depends on space, budget, and your goals, but we’ve done workshops from 5-300 participants.

Q. Do you teach outside of NY, NC, and CA?
A. Absolutely. We have been hired to improv(e) clients all over the country. 20 states and counting!

Q. What happens in a workshop?
A. All of our corporate workshops are customized to reach our client’s needs. Here are a two sample workshop focuses:

Presentation Skills: Using prepared upcoming or past presentations, our facilitators work on polish, advanced skills, and personalized feedback. We take the participants in the room, and through interactive activities, make them better, more effective speakers complete with activities and information on how they can continue to improve when we leave the room. This can include video components, multiple workshops, multiple facilitators, one-on-one meetings, storytelling components that focus on brand and mission development and a full continuing education plan.

Improv For…: Improv is a buzzy business word for companies, and we aren’t the only company that does it. So why work with us? We aren’t actors, we aren’t tied to a theater and we ONLY work with professionals. We listen to our clients and create a curriculum that connects to their goals. Sample improv focuses include improving communication skills, getting to know one another better, thinking creatively, improving intergenerational communication, confidence, and improv for women, working through institutional changes and dozens more

We’ve also focused on:

-Active Listening
-Public Speaking
-Creativity and Problem Solving
-Positive Risk-Taking + Initiative
-Flexibility + Change
-Teamwork + Teambuilding
-Networking in the Office

Bring some interactive, effective and fun professional development to your team instead of the same old boring lecture! Email us for a consultation today!


Museums, Institutions, Universities, Centers–come one, come all.
The Engaging Educator began with our Founder Jen wanting to help fellow Museum Educators become more flexible and interactive in the galleries. Since then, we’ve expanded to working with everyone who isn’t an actor, and our heart and soul is still with our fellow educators! We love to help with better communication skills, flexibility, audience-centered thinking and a more engaging teaching style. Since all of our programs are customized, we can work with you and your budget – whether you work at a museum, historical society, cultural institution or college, we’ve inspired educators of all kinds with our interactive workshops. Activities can include a combination of professional development skills as well as practical ideas that can be used the very same day!

We’ve come in for talks (to be honest, not our favorite – we like to get people up and moving!), workshops ranging from 45-minute lunch sessions to multi-day, multi-audience sessions, and audience engagement consulting and programs. Focusing on our main guidepost of Improv-based Education, we’ve customized programs for thousands of educators in cultural organizations around the US – many programs that are still in practice and growing today.

Want to know more about what we teach in Museums? Take a peek at this article from The Journal of Museum Education for our focus:

“Improv education, as well as in certain improv activities, can help gallery educators better connect and communicate with their audiences. Many of these activities are perceived to be silly when considered for museum work and teaching pedagogy; while it can be argued that these activities will result in discomfort, much of that discomfort stems from an attempt at something foreign. The skills fostered within improv education that connect to gallery teaching far surpass initial discomfort from unfamiliar teaching approaches. An acknowledgment of the unfamiliarity as well as the potential silly nature of these activities should take place, but equally note the value of practicing skills in a heightened reality. If a mistake is made in an improv conversation, it ends and can be reflected upon, with no harm done. If that same misstep is made with a visitor, that visitor may not return to the museum. Improv education allows individuals to practice and hone skills that are generally not addressed within any professional development setting. Acceptance, validation, multitasking, careful listening, focus and comfort with failure are all qualities gallery teachers are expected to have but are not often given the tools to enhance and master.”

Full article with examples for the gallery can be found here!
Ready to bring Yes, And to the Museum? Contact us for more information and a customized proposal!


In addition to our group workshops and classes, The Engaging Educator offers in person and Skype coaching. We can not only help you deliver incredible presentations, prepare for talks and interviews, we also can help your greater communication style and help you be a better listener, speaker, and communicator!

Sample focuses include:
Presentation Preparation and Coaching
Keynote Coaching
Communication Strategy
Positive Conflict Management
Facilitator and Feedback Training
General Public Speaking + Polish
Elevator Pitch + Networking Skills
Interview Prep – College + Job
Promotion Prep
New Leader Coaching
Working Out What You Want
Life Changes

Contact us for a free consultation and to set up an appointment. You’ll work with our Engagers to create the most effective session for your needs.



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