If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative. -Woody AllenEarthMuseum2

The Next Worldwide Mashup is October 11th, 2017. Join Museums across the nation and the world to experiment with museum experiences! To participate or for more information, please email us at jen@theengagingeducator.com or just fill out our Google Form here!

Take a look at our #MuseumMashup Storify to find out how the September 28th event went down!

What’s a #MuseumMashup? Simply put #MuseumMashup is a day of shared experimentation. Sites do experimental tours, invite staff, educators and public to prototype and create new experiences with objects, even post images on social media of objects in the collection for folks at home to brainstorm experiences. The key? Try something new and forget the fear of failure. The #MuseumMashup is all about experimenting with experiences in and with institutions, and sharing it in a celebratory manner. In true improv and EE tradition, we’re attempting to fail grandly by encouraging people to try things they are afraid to do on the regular.

First Nationwide Mashup Because we are all about the go-big or go-home philosophy, we set out to organize the first Nationwide Museum Mashup on February 4th, 2016. The hashtag generated nearly 800 tweets, with 300 original tweets and 400 retweets. Messages sent on twitter about the event appeared in timelines 800,000 times for as many as 3 million views. The hashtag reached #1 among trending hashtags in the United States in the evening. Visit our Storify summary of the day to see a recap of how it unfolded according to the tweets participants shared:

First Worldwide Mashup! Again-go big or go home, we opened it up to museums and organizations across the globe! We had a lot of our regular friends (Hi Getty and NCMA!) and new adventures with boats, maritime museums, historic houses and more! The day was such a success and adventure, as well as a growing experience for #MuseumMashup. Check out our storify here! From our September 2016 Mashup: more information here!

Still confused? Feel free to call or email us. A lot of times the scary and confusing part is the amount of freedom that comes with the #MuseumMashup. It’s frightening to work without a box – let’s all do it together with the #MuseumMashup! If you want more information on what a Mashup is, visit http://artmuseumteaching.com/?s=mashup.

Our Mashup Sites Around The World!

History of #MuseumMashup: The Museum Mashup started at NAEA in 2015 as an attempt to shake up traditional conference lecture sessions. Museum educators Mike Murawski, Rachel Ropeik, Debbie Randolph and our founder, Jen Brown (Oleniczak), collaborated with the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and brave participants for the first Mashup. Experimenters arrived and were randomly assigned into groups of three and headed to their randomly assigned object in the museum. They had 45 minutes to develop a 5-7 minute experience around their work that would be presented and activated with the full group. The participants were asked to take a risk, create something new and not to teach – our focus was on experience and the possibility of failure.

After the booming success of the first Mashup (more than 100 people attended!) museums around the nation started to hold their own Mashups. From staff development to events, the #MuseumMashup has succeeded in bringing together educators, teachers, curators, public, visitor services and curious museum lovers.

While The Engaging Educator does not own #MuseumMashup, we are enthusiastic stewards of the event.

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