“I had an incredible time learning from you over the past 8 weeks. I am sad that the course has come to an end – Wednesdays were the highlight of my week! In a short time, you have made a major impact in my presenting, confidence level, and career as a whole. I used some of your tips and skills from class during a recent panel that I spoke on and it was a great success?” – Workshop participant, HBO/Time Warner

“What a wonderful opportunity it was to work with Minna and the Engaging Educator! Our group consisted of future leaders in our organization who had never had this type of training and never realized what simple techniques they could use to communicate more effectively. They provided excellent feedback to our leadership group and engaged each person in an individual analysis of their personal pitch. We wished we could have spent more time with her that day and were already thinking about booking them for the next group. We can’t wait to work with you again!” – Corporate Client, Financial Services.

“My staff fully enjoyed themselves and was so enlightened at the end of the event. We truly enjoyed Jill’s enthusiasm, energy and education. The staff is still talking about the workshop and word has spread to other programs. I definitely look forward to doing a part 2 with you guys.” – Kimberly Ramsay, CAMBA iCARE

“It was an awesome workshop! Afterwards our team went to lunch nearby and everyone raved about our time with Jill.” – Rachel Renfo, Buyer Relationship Manager, Etsy

“Life-changing!” – Workshop participant, Google

“Thanks again for all your efforts in Vegas! The Engaging Educator energy and insight not only helped us become better public speakers, but allowed us to shake down our defenses and become a closer team.” – Saks Fifth Avenue, Men’s Division

“Don was like a whirlwind sweeping through our offsite training. From the outset, he was in character, jumping around and exuding effortless confidence. His selection of games worked PERFECTLY for our team of 8 people. He kept the momentum high, with active involvement, but in such a way that each team member got some personal time. We would hire Don back for a repeat performance in a second!” – Simon Dean, Global Director of Creative Strategy, Qubit

“The Performing Arts Club at Mather High School has had the privilege of workings with Jen for a few months this year during our weekly club meetings after school. In the short time that we’ve been working on improv skills, our 9th grade students have grown in such dynamic ways and we are so impressed to see how adept and comfortable they’ve gotten! They are working much more collaboratively than they did when they began: unlike at the beginning, we now regularly see them supporting each other in scenes by encouraging all ideas and never allowing each other to feel awkward or uncomfortable. They are listening to each other and speaking more clearly, and as I am also their English teacher, I can vouch for the fact that during their recent in-class presentations, our Performing Arts students were by far the best presenters and listened attentively when their classmates presented. They are generally becoming much more confident and comfortable when put on the spot and forced to think on their feet.” – Hannah Kass, Mather High School, NYC

“Having the Engaging Educator (Jen O) visit Reynolda House was not only a breath of fresh air, but also an unexpected spark of inspiration. Funny how stagnant methods and complacent modes of thinking become dressed in terms like “traditional” and “standard” ways of operating. Out of habit or conformity, I began to check my creative hat at the door when I came to work at the Museum. Jen’s improv workshop and pop-up education demonstrations with visitors reminded me that only authentic inspiration can beget truly inspiring ideas. Loosening up and reminding ourselves that museums can be a fun place for everyone! Elitist who believe that institutions will be “dumbing down” their materials to reach all kinds of minds, forget that the knowledge doesn’t change if we keep it sealed in a hermetic vault for only the wealthy to experience. Museums only become stronger organizations and more relevant institutions if they strive to equally engage and educate all types of audiences!” – Trish Oxford, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communication, Reynolda House, NC

“Jen presented an impressive range of interpretive techniques to our performer/facilitator staff at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She combined a fun, interactive approach with solid content and intriguing anecdotes to bring the session to life. Rare is the trainer who can engage performers of variable skill level successfully!” – David Allison, Manager of Visitor Programs, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

“It offered a much needed focus on the subtleties of presentation and the skills borrowed from the world of performance that we could adapt to gallery teaching.” – Adelia Gregory, Museum Guide Program Coordinator, Brooklyn Museum

“The theater warmups and presentation skill exercises with Jen were very helpful. I found myself consciously standing in the ‘relaxed, open’ position we’d learned, and I felt more confident having gone through that training session.” – Teen Gallery Guide, Guggenheim Museum

“I have one volunteer who has been with for us over a year and always seemed really shy. It was wonderful to get to see her in another light.” – Emily Rivlin-Nadler, Education Associate, Guggenheim Museum

“Unforeseen challenges come up all the time and I need to make sudden decisions to change my lesson plan for that day. At these times it is helpful to just trust my gut, and go full force with the decision I feel is best. Improv has really helped me work on this. I think all teachers can benefit from this class.” – Olivia Fu, Freelance Teaching Artist

“What a great Enrichment! I had a blast and learned so much! It was very refreshing. I especially loved that how she said so often that she prepared so much, that her spontaneity was anything but chance.” – Docent, Toledo Museum

“Thank you for facilitating today’s Enrichment. Jen was really wonderful. Her energy and passion shined through her engagement with us from beginning to end. Such good, new techniques, too!” – Docent, Toledo Museum

“Last Friday, Sharon and I each used the “yes..and” exercise on our adult gallery group members. (We each take half of this group.) It worked beautifully. One woman, who used to be a teacher (and a docent) said she loved the exercise and how everyone really spoke. I adapted it slightly and because of time limits used the “I think” and “I wonder” together–and stopped to make sure there were conversations about each of those….Sharon said it worked in her group as well.”” – Staff Member, Toledo Museum



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