Empowering students through improv has always been a major goal with The Engaging Educator, and The Foundation is thrilled to further that mission.

We’ve seen improv improve student’s speaking skills, confidence, empathy and social skills. Through our partnerships with New York, NY and Winston Salem, NC Schools, we’ve witnessed fantastic progress in our students in the areas of teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. We are happy to come to you for a single workshop or with one of our residency programs.

Our programs bring our Engagers directly to your students, into your school, library, museum or organization. Focuses can include public speaking, leadership, collaboration, connection, presence and college interview prep. We’ve worked with full grades, performing arts clubs and smaller teen groups at schools, museums, and internships. We’re also continuing to pilot our Teen Facilitator Program, which brings Teen Engagers to Schools in NYC and Winston Salem, NC.

During our first year of School Programs in 2014, our teens from Mather Building Arts and Craftsmanship High School completed their residency with an off-Broadway show at The Playroom Theatre.

Straight from their advisor and teacher at Mather:

Through the improv work, I’ve seen my students grow in all of these ways and more.  I’ve seen a girl spend a whole year being antagonistic and difficult (in stage scenes and – worse – in the social scene) and learn, through improv, how to avoid saying “No!” and instead say “Yes, and…”  She’s now super popular and well-liked — and her scenes are brilliant.  I’ve seen a boy move past his social awkwardness and difficulty connecting with people and become one of the most collaborative listeners and generous scene partners as soon as he gets onstage.  I’ve seen kids realize their potential and see themselves as part of a real team that supports them every time they get together.

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