Teen Facilitator Program


We are excited to announce a new initiative to engage teens in a peer-led format!
Please note, this program piloted Fall 2015 – Winter 2016. We welcome suggestions, comments and as always, would love to answer questions!!

Our Teen Facilitator Program takes everything we love about Improv as Continuing Education and teaches TEENS to teach their peers. We’ve found our programs help teens with confidence, empathy, teamwork, positive risk-taking, communication and leadership skills. What better way to connect with that audience than with their peers?

We’re not creating the next set of theatre teachers – we’re empowering teens as leaders of our teen Improv and Presentation skills workshops. The program not only trains students as facilitators to lead workshops for other teens, but also creates a cycle of involvement in their schools and communities. We’re an open enrollment, free program for both the teens and our partners. It’s our way of giving back and contributing to the next generation of present and empathetic leaders.

The teens are then paired with another teen in the program and an EE Engager, and are set to lead programs for other teens in schools, community organizations, church groups, after-school centers, libraries and more. If you’d like to start one of our Teen Facilitator Programs, please contact us here!

Since this was a pilot program for 2015-2016, we are currently seeking community funding to keep it free for teens and participating organizations.

Most recently, we’ve been working with Kennedy High School in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and have recently been awarded a Community Mini-Grant from the Arts Council of Winston Salem. During the fall of 2016, we’ll be teaching Presentation Skills through Improv to students in three grade levels. The program will culminate in a Community Presentation Skills Class, taught by the students at Flywheel.

Want to know how the pilot went? Check out our photos from our NYC Pilot:
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IMAG0382  IMAG0245 IMAG0236 IMAG0229   IMAG0201

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