According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2016 Job Outlook Report, verbal communication is the most desired important skill for candidates – it just so happens that public speaking is also still feared more than death. Good thing we know both of those key facts and provide classes and programs that take personal and professional development in communication skills to the next level without looking like a robot!

Whether you are looking to polish presentation skills, enhance communication, initiative, and flexibility, or develop and grow your interpersonal skills, we’ve got you covered with our continuing education that makes people feel like they’ve had a great cup of coffee – the best kind of energy boost – and gone to the gym for their brains. We’re making people better communicators, effective speakers and present individuals. We treat every client and student as an individual, developing customized programs that work with our audience and focus on your group, team and personal goals.

Using our brand of improv pedagogy as development and continuing education for non-actors, we’ve worked with a wide range of students, coming from Fortune 100 Companies, Startups, Schools, Universities, and Museums. Since 2012, we’ve reached over 25,000 with unique programming that has been called some of the ‘best professional development in speaking that I’ve ever experienced!” – Viacom employee

Every program we do is unique and custom created with our specific clients and students in mind. Even our public classes are built around the students in the room and their needs in presentation, communication, and social skills. You aren’t like every other person or company out there – and we aren’t the cookie-cutter trust-fall team-building company! Based in NYC, LA and Winston-Salem, NC, we’ve led programs in over twenty-five states, bringing our brand of ‘yes, and’ nationwide.

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–From all of us at The Engaging Educator

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