3 Reasons Why Improv + Confidence for Women = Magic

Imposter Syndrome is a THING. That little voice that says, “You’re a fraud! No one is going to believe you! You don’t know what you’re doing!” isn’t something that you’re dealing with yourself. Research shows up to 70% of people will experience imposter syndrome in their life…70%!

You’re not alone.

Couple imposter syndrome with issues like the confidence gap, fears of public speaking and the leadership gap, and you have a perfect storm of what it feels like to woman. You don’t often get second chances at life or work situations, so what better way to “practice” that confidence than with improv? Here are three ways that improv for women makes magic happen:

Experimenting with Space

I firmly believe that space equals confidence. But what space do you want? Women take space differently than men, and when you’re working out what kind of space is YOURS, you don’t want to be influenced by another person who views space differently. Improv is all about experimenting: whether you want to practice an assertive speaking style or taking initiative, you’ve got a safe space with your fellow woman.

Collective Battles

You know who knows what it’s like to be a woman? Other women. When you’re in a space with other women, it feels a little easier to talk about things you’re dealing with in your personal and professional life. Couple that comfort with the team vibes and YES AND of improv and you’ve got a massive juggernaut of power to conquer those gaps and issue that women face every day.

Confidence Looks Like…

Confidence looks different on every single woman. It might look outgoing and assertive or powerful and soft-spoken – or even somewhere in between. When you’re in “real life” it’s hard to see what works and what doesn’t because you (should be!) busy living in the moment and the here and now. In improv, you can be in the here and now AND have the reflective aspect of the group helping you find your confidence – and a great group to bounce your ideas around.