About EE!

The Engaging Educator is fiercely dedicated to helping others find their best, most unapologetic and confident voice, communication style, and self.

We know you are full of ambition, ideas, and goals – and we want to help you best express those AND achieve them with our brand of improv-based adventures.

Our goals are simple: we want you to leave our programs with a clearer idea of WHO you are and WHERE you want to be – and have actionable steps to get rolling on that path of awesomeness. We LOVE fun for fun’s sake – we also LOVE plans, ideas, action-items, progress, and positive-risk-taking. Come grow with us!

In case you’re curious, here are SIX fun facts about your new friends at EE:

    1. 60k LOLs!

      From October 24th, 2012 to August 3, 2020, we worked with over 60,000 students. That is A LOT of Yes, And…and a lot of laughing and emails…and now ZOOMS!

    2. Our very first non-education client? Saks Fifth Avenue!

      “The Engaging Educator energy and insight not only helped us become better public speakers but allowed us to shake down our defenses and become a closer team.” – Saks Fifth Avenue, Men’s Division

    3. The largest waitlist for a class at a corporate office?

      50+ at Viacom

      “No matter what request I come to EE for, they have a solution. Every time I think, ‘This request is out there and they may not be able to help,’ not only do they have a solution, they also offer flexibility around that solution. EE has the acute ability to glean from a client what their need is and communicate it effectively in order to deliver the desired results.” – Learning Designer, Viacom International

    4. Shortest-lived class? Interview Skills.

      We ran it for almost a year with NO signups. Maybe it’s time to try again? #FailForward

    5. A masterclass in going with the flow…

      Founder Jen thought EE would simply be her side hustle for museum education work—she figured she could teach workshops and classes part-time and be a full-time museum professional! WHEW. #FollowTheFear

    6. Can we get to 50?

      EE has held workshops in over 38 states and is really excited to be asked to go to Hawaii or Alaska (AHEM Hint Hint: HIRE US!)


Jen Oleniczak Brown


Anything jewel toned! My closet is BRIGHT.

FAVORITE part about teaching

When a student surprises themselves!

If failure wasn’t possible, what would you do?

‘Failures’ for me are moments that are celebrated with some tears, ice cream and comfort food, bad TV and learning. If it wasn’t possible, I would actually have to carve out time to watch bad TV!

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