October: One year old!

October brings our 1st birthday! Thanks to everyone who supported and stood behind us this year!

A Response:

From Art Museum Teaching:


Happy fall! We are delighted to announce we will be speaking at TEDx Cortland November 9th! Stay tuned for more information.


September brings both back to school and back to business – bringing an Improv Level Two class and the return of Storytelling after the summer hiatus! Stay tuned for more classes and dates, including an October Improv Intensive in NYC. But for now, some Yes, And in Vancouver at the IERG Annual International Conference!

August registration is filling up fast! Come join the fun and Yes, and this adventure. Email workshops@theengagingeducator.com for details.

DC Classes!

The Engaging Educator is off to DC in August! Classes will be on the website soon, but for now:

August 19 Improv Intensive

August 20 Storytelling Intensive

August 21 Presentation Skills + Improv Beginnings


Email workshops@theengagingeducator.com for details

DC, Improv and More

The Engaging Educator is coming to DC August 19th-22nd! Stay tuned for class announcements as well as information about registration. Email workshops@theengagingeducator.com to book an institutional session!

June brings slower times at our institutions, so why not sign up for a public workshop? Improv Intensive, Work Session and Storytelling Intensive all start mid-June – perfect timing for you to relax and start having fun!

EEPresentation at NYCMER went off with a bang! Educators from various institutions creating Tableaux Vivants from The Progress of Love, as well as learning about the historical significance and cognition behind Tableaux.

Also, delighted to announce that The Engaging Educator will be presenting at the Imaginative Education Research Group Conference in July in Vancouver! Improv for Educators is going international!

Philly Dates!

Coming to Philly June 12th and 13th with Presentation Techniques and Improv! Email workshops@theengagingeducator.com for details.

Presenting at NYCMer!

Theatre and museums go hand in hand – see Tableau Vivant in action at the annual museum education conference in NYC, May 13th!