Our Classes


Our classes can be combined and enhanced, focusing on your institution’s needs. Classes range from one hour to full day sessions. Multiple sessions can be booked at the same institution for a discounted rate, and can be done in a variety of spaces. While our team is based in NYC and NC, we are happy to travel anywhere!

For more information regarding our classes, travel opportunities, and workshops, Email Us!

We also offer a number of classes open to the public every month in New York, North Carolina, and California. If you are interested in a customized workshop, but want to check out a class first, these classes are a great place to start!

Improvisation for Educators & Professionals

Improvisation is not just something for comedians– it’s for everyone. Even MBA students are taking improv classes as part of their degrees. The reasoning is simple: improv is rooted in communication. It is all about living in the present moment, essential for a good teaching practice.

This Educator and Professional-geared workshop enhances skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, collaboration and specificity. All of these skills will lead to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when teaching. This will allow honest reactions and response, which results in a more flexible teaching style. Aside from versatility, improv also celebrates the idea of failure. By encouraging people to take risks, one can learn to succeed even with mistakes.


Storytelling is an incredible way to approach a lesson. Effective stories have clear, essential parts–and just about any object has a story that can enhance the total experience. Whether it be a dramatic hook, a funny anecdote, or an entertaining tale, all can encourage close looking, increase overall comprehension, and capture the whole audience.

Our Storytelling Workshop is designed to teach the basic construct of storytelling. From dramatics to vocal variance to crafty editing, many storytelling skills are stressed in this interactive class. Not only will participants learn the aspects of engaging tales, but they will get a chance to utilize the learned skills with their own stories.

Presentation Techniques

Whether in the classroom or gallery, we often face extenuating circumstances: a loud group, a busy day, or even an overtaxed voice. Even with an intriguing topic, a presenter can lose the audience simply due to poor communication skills.

This workshop will help participants pay close attention to how they convey information to others. Focusing on the areas of projection and poise, enunciation and gesture, along with extemporaneous speaking, our Presentation Skills Workshop includes a practical work session to problem solve common trouble areas. Participants will leave with ways to enhance and grow their own personal style by presenting their best self in the classroom, gallery, or workspace.

Customized Classes + more!

In addition to our public classes, we offer customized workshops for institutions, high schools, companies, such as Improv for High School Students and Autism-Friendly Improv Programs. For more details, check out our customized classes here.