How Do You Greet Conflict? Our Series

Video series time! How do you greet conflict in your life? Do you avoid it, greet it head on, connect with it? We’re thinking all about conflict in this three-part series and how we can be better in situations that aren’t very fun – unless you are a drama queen. First, we’re going to think about what kind of person we are when we have a moment of conflict in life. Really ask yourself, ‘Self, how do I deal with conflict?’ Now, we aren’t talking about the knock-down, drag-out fights – we’re thinking about the level we have on a semi-regular basis. Everything from disagreements to misunderstandings, how do you connect?

In improv, we can watch and witness first hand HOW people react in conflict. In improv, we can assess and redo situations. In real life? We aren’t able to ‘redo’ things. Reflection is key if we really want to change and grow.

In part two, we’re exploring some different conflict styles – are you confrontational? Do you thrive on drama? Are you a victim queen?

Finally, with part three, we’re thinking about what next. How do you handle the ‘next’ in your conflict style? How can you resolve a difference with a simple Yes, And?