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Creative Problem Solving Skills and more!

Is your team listening, communicating, speaking and leading to the best of their ability? Are you telling your brand story effectively and connecting with clients and customers on a real and authentic level?

We can help you do this and more through our customized interactive learning workshops and development!

Your Focus

You’re a startup or established company or somewhere in between and you’re looking to create, enrich and develop your company learning culture – and you aren’t looking to bore your employees with canned information or a satellite workshop that’s fun but not useful.

We got you.

We’ve worked with Startups fresh from ideation to Fortune 500 Companies like Wells Fargo, developed workshops that fit their unique goals and colleagues, and improved skills like:

  • Presentation and Public Speaking
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Conflict Diffusement and De-Escalation
  • Small Talk and Networking
  • Inter-company and Client Communication
  • Storytelling and Mission Personalization and Development
  • Risk, Initiative and Creative Problem Solving
  • Flexibility, Pivoting and Impromptu Communication
  • Teambuilding and Teamwork

Whether we come to you or you come to us, we keep your colleagues moving and engaged, and we keep your goals and everyday life in mind while we develop and grow skills that will make you a more effective organization.

Your Program

Every program starts with a call to discuss goals, outcomes, time constraints and employee culture. We want to know what you want, and if you aren’t sure, we want to help you figure out where you can grow! Please note, we are offering remote workshops during this time due to COVID19.

After our call, here’s a handy flow chart of what next:

Sample Workshops

While we customize all of our workshops, we have some best sellers! You aren’t alone in your company needs. Here are three starting points that we can edit to fit your goals:

Presentation + Public Speaking: Using prepared upcoming or past presentations, our facilitators work on polish, advanced skills, and personalized feedback. We take the participants in the room, and through interactive activities, make them better, more effective speakers complete with activities and information on how they can continue to improve when we leave the room. This can include video components, multiple workshops, multiple facilitators, one-on-one meetings, storytelling components that focus on brand and mission development, and a full continuing education plan.

Improv For Communication Skills: Using interactive, improv-based learning and activities we focus on the day-to-day and higher-level communication skills. From listening and responding to positive communication and conflict management, we use interactive learning and reflection that works with the individuals in the room. We focus on ‘So What’ and ‘Now What’ – sure, these activities are fun and allow for team building – they also have real connections to everyday communication and interactions, as well as the Now What – you’ve realized what you need to work on, what next?

Storytelling and Presentation Skills: We know you have a great story – can you tell it to your audience? Storytelling is a big part of brand and company culture and it truly is an art form. We’ll work with your brand, information, employees, and style and help you bring out the best version for you and your audience. This workshop pairs well with brief presentation skills practice to polish and refine personal and professional style, as well as individualized feedback for authentic communication.

Ready? Let’s start a conversation!


Q. How long are your workshops?
A. Workshops range from half hour intro sessions to full day intensives. We also hold recurring workshops and always offer continuing education options and discounts.

Q. Where do you hold your workshops?
A. Most clients bring us onsite for sessions. We also have a variety of rental spaces we utilize for offsite sessions. Please note, due to COVID-19 we are holding online only workshops.

Q. How much do workshops cost?
A. Due to our customization, prices vary. Please contact us for your individualized proposal!

Q. Are online workshops still interactive?
A. YES! We use Zoom (secure with waiting room and password) and breakout rooms! Our online workshops might be online, but folks are still working together to be the best communicator possible.

Q. How many people can participate in a session?
A. This depends on space, budget, and your goals. We’ve done workshops from 5-500+ participants, and can lead concurrent and consecutive workshops in one day.

Q. Do you teach outside of NY, NC, and CA?
A. Absolutely. We have been hired to improv(e) clients internationally.

Q. What happens in a workshop?
A. All of our corporate workshops are interactive and focused on our client’s needs. Depending on size, space, and scope, we facilitate large group, small group, and partner activities that zoom in on goals. After activities and throughout the workshop, we lead a reflective element of SO WHAT and WHAT NEXT. It’s fun and high energy, SO WHAT does it have to do with our every day (and your goals!) and WHAT do we do NEXT to keep these positive changes?