How Are You?  

How many times have you almost cried in the last week? My number is pretty high. I, like many people, have consistent humming anxiety right now, and that’s marked with moments of dread, panic, and sadness. I know this. I’ve been to enough therapy to also know that this is normal. And yet, my coaching call today asked me how I was doing and I replied, “I’m ok” – because that’s what we are right? We are OK!

We’re pivoting our businesses!
Working from home!
Everything is OK!

Blatant lies. Things are just bad right now. And today, I’m not ok.

I have so many friends that are now suddenly out of work. Small business owners that are pretty sure they won’t reopen. Some having very real questions racing through their brains, uncertain about how long they can manage to stay closed and stay in business. A dad that runs a business at an airport – so he has to go because as long as the airport is open, he has to be open. Speaker friends that suddenly and immediately don’t have an income. I won’t even start to talk about friends who were already struggling. You know how they are doing.

Things are really bad right now.

And you know what? It’s ok to feel bad right now. Like, actually and really ok. Not like, “oh it’s ok to be unproductive right now and look I only made one video or posted one thing!” kinda ok.

No. It’s 100% ok to be completely paralyzed with fear of what next, terrified of the what next next and concerned of the very real possibility that the world we knew will not be the world again. We just have no idea, and that’s scary. IT IS OK TO STOP BUSINESSING FOR A MOMENT. Literally, as I was finishing this, I went to open LinkedIn, and the first post I saw was “Don’t stop! You owe it to your business and work to not stop!”

You. Can. Rest.

It’s ok to sit in your own unknown for a moment. I’m not suggesting you quit – I am suggesting that you rest.

I coach and teach folks how to be authentic for a living. And I ask everyone I work with – how are you feeling right now. Check-in. If we want to get out of this bad place and work back to actually feeling ok, we’re going to have to start being honest with ourselves first.

So how are you?