Meet our Team: Hillary Murrell

Hillary HeadshotEE has brought on a WEST COAST Engager! Meet Hillary Murrell!

What is your role at The Engaging Educator? I have just joined the team as a facilitator and Engager!

Where are you from and how did you make it to your current location? I am originally from San Diego. I went to college at UCLA and graduate school in London and have been in San Francisco for the last six years. I spent one summer teaching in New York in college and absolutely loved it! However, I am excited to be representing The Engaging Educator on the west coast when I move back to Los Angeles next week.

When did you first start to love Improv? I took my first Improv class in middle school. I was very shy growing up but when I was on the stage doing improv I felt fearless. That feeling has stayed with me and now I love speaking in front of people more than anything else.

What is something you want to Improv(e) on? I want to Improv(e) on enjoying to relax. I like to be active all the time and want to start enjoying the pleasure of doing nothing.

Where is your favorite place in the city? The summer I spent in NYC my favorite place was Bryant Park with a turkey sandwich from Cosi. My favorite place in Los Angeles is the Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMA.

What’s a not-so-secret skill you have? A not-so-secret skill I have is that I am a pretty good tap dancer.

“AaahhhOOOgah” makes me feel silly and free.

“Yes, and” to reading, coffee, long walks and my puppy.