Meet Our Team: Jill Frutkin

Jill Frutkin
-What do is your role at The Engaging Educator?
I am a new Engager, teaching Improv, Presentation Skills and Storytelling!

-Where are you from and how did you make it to NYC?
I’m originally from Western Massachusetts, moved to NYC for college and never left. My love affair with New York is going strong.

-When did you first start to love Improv?
I think I love it a little more everyday – seeing the ways it creeps into my daily life and the way I deal with embracing the present.

-What is something you want to Improv(e) on?
I want to find more joy in new situations! Also I really need to revisit driving an automobile.

-Where is your favorite place in the city?
Riis Park Beach, The Public Theatre, Prospect Park

-What’s a not-so-secret skill you have?
I can move my chin in a kind of unhuman way.

“AaahhhOOOgah” makes me feel freedom!

“Yes, and” to stovetop espresso, live music, green vegetables, and the library.

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