Meet our team: Lawrese Brown

Lawrese BrownWhat is your role at The Engaging Educator? I’m an engager.

Where are you from and how did you make it to NYC? I’m from New Jersey, but I’ve always worked in NYC. Right now, I’m also a Masters Student at NYU.

When did you first start to love Improv? I started to love improv two years ago after my first class. It became addictively refreshing to have a space where you’re supposed to be playful and mistakes are welcome.

What is something you want to Improv(e) on? Work/life balance. I’m convinced that’s not a real thing until post 40 or maybe when you have children – whichever comes first.

Where is your favorite place in the city? There’s a thrift shop near 8th street that I visit at least once a week. I’m certain my entire current wardrobe is from there.

What’s a not-so-secret skill you have? I love to cook. I don’t have time to cook as much as I’d like but my specialty dishes are eggplant parm with vegetarian spaghetti, stuffed peppers with quinoa and BBQ salmon cake wraps.

“AaahhhOOOgah” makes me feel fearless

“Yes, and” to late night carry-out Domino’s pizza, 75 degree weather, positive thoughts and new friends.