Meet Our Team (Special Edition!): Andrea Kamins

Our 3rd “Meet Our Team” interview is a special one: Andrea Kamins, a long-time Engager at EE, is embarking on a new and exciting adventure: Attending graduate school in Ann Arbor, MI! We look forward to her continued involvement in EE, and wish her the best.

A Note From Jen: I met Andrea when she took a Level One class ages ago – I was getting on my feet with the company, just started pretty much. Even though EE was just beginning, I had taught improv A LOT, so I can recognize when someone “gets it”. Andrea got it from day one.

Over the next few months, she kept taking class with me. I had cycled through a lot of potential teachers…big surprise, people pursing acting and improv generally aren’t good fits for us…and I kept thinking about Andrea “getting it”.

Totally remember sitting down for dinner with her-as friends, to both vent about life, guys, NYC, and basically asking her “out” – to see if she wanted to teach for EE. It always feels like a relationship when I ask potential teachers if they want to be teachers. The company is so based on the connection between the teacher and the audience, and I knew Andrea had that level of detail and focus.

Fast forward to now – she’s one of the teachers that constantly gets amazing reviews. From her constructive feedback to her personality, it’s fantastic. As a friend, she’s been insanely supportive of my own NYC departure, and I know this is exactly the right thing for her.

I personally wish her the most heartfelt congrats, good luck and wishes for success. We’re definitely going to miss her, but know she’ll be involved in EE regardless of location. Ann Arbor, MI improv classes, anyone?

Meet Andrea Kamins:
-What do is your role at The Engaging Educator? I teach Improv for Professionals and provide career coaching for people looking to change careers or advance in their current jobs.

-Where are you from and how did you make it to NYC? I grew up in the Boston area and landed in NYC after college.  Now, after many years of living in New York, I’m taking a break from the big city and heading off to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend graduate school this fall!

-When did you first start to love Improv? I had friends who did improv in college and always enjoyed watching, but didn’t think about trying it for myself until a few years ago.  I don’t think of myself as a “performer”, but when I heard about improv classes through The Engaging Educator, my ears perked up.  I’ve worked in education for over 12 years and thought taking an improv class could really improve my skills as a teacher and facilitator.  I loved it from the very first class and have been involved with learning (and teaching) improv ever since!

-What is something you want to Improv(e) on? I’m always trying to stretch myself, both personally and professionally.  I’m about to make a big change by moving to a new town and I’m trying to improv(e) my ability to embrace change, even when it feels a little scary.

-Where is your favorite place in the city? Greenwich Avenue in the west village.

-What’s a not-so-secret skill you have? I’m a really good listener.  (Try me!)

“AaahhhOOOgah” makes me feel able to take myself less seriously!

“Yes, and” to round foods.  (Think about it!  Bagels, cupcakes, pizzas)

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