If I ever run away…

…make sure to check North Carolina first.


Our whirlwind trip to North Carolina this November was an epic success of the south.

I started off the week getting to know the Reynolda House Museum of American Art docents and educators. Located in Winston-Salem, the eclectic, historic house and collection was an excellent place to “Yes, And…” movement and Improv. In addition, I was thrilled to hold an important workshop centered on how educators work with special needs audiences.

The day at the North Carolina Museum of Art started with a workshop with the educators and ended with a full on improv workshop with the teens. Before saying goodbye to NC, we stopped off at Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University for an Improv and an Alzheimer’s workshop with the educators, then hustled back to Winston-Salem for a teacher workshop with SECCA.

The biggest takeaway from this trip (besides my appetite for barbeque) was experimentation. I had the chance to step out of my comfort zone in presenting a diverse set of activities and programs; thankfully the educators I worked with were amazing risk-takers throughout every session.

The North Carolina museum staff are also doing fantastic things with programming and technology, with one place even using a 3D pen in the galleries! This goes to show that you can find a talented and dedicated bunch in every part of the country. The only regret I had was leaving.

–Jen Oleniczak, Founder

Major thanks to my new colleagues and friends of the South. Photos courtesy of J Caldwell for the Nasher Museum.