One on One Coaching

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You are tired of living small and holding back.

You are tired of worrying about flushing, that shaking voice, those trembling hands.

You are tired of stagnancy and a hamster wheel.

You are over feeling bad about presentations/meetings/dates/conversations/insert life situation that you know wasn’t meeting your expectations…wait…do you know what your expectations are? What about what you want? In your life? In your career? What’s success like? What makes you happy?! OMG EEK LIFE GOAL OVERLOAD AND PANIC!

WAIT! Take a breath. Now think: What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Glad you have something in mind. Now get ready to shine and blow them all away – we got your back, and we’ll help you rock it out.

Some of your options

From our 100 Hours for 100 Female Entrepreneurs Project to working with clients on upcoming presentations to getting out of that lame job or into that awesome profession, we want to help you get on the path to be that amazing sparkly supernova you were meant to be.

All of our coaching sessions start with a free 15-minute phone consultation to see what you’re looking to accomplish – and if we’re a good fit! From there, you can pick one of our customized options, available in person in NYC, Los Angeles and Winston Salem, and virtually as far as New Zealand! (No joke, we’re working with some Kiwis now!)

Get Things Going

This single session will connect with your goals – we’ll talk you through action items that range from things you can start NOW all the way to things you’ll need time to develop. Consider this brainstorming on pots of coffee with the ultimate life organizer. This includes a follow up email with links, articles and ideas!

Keep Shining

Multiple sessions to keep up that sparkle – we can schedule things weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, or by presidential term – mostly kidding on that last one – and we’ll help you move through the bumps and blocks that come up in any project. After each session, we’ll send a follow up email with ideas, mantras to remember, links and articles for your next big step.

This is our most popular option – one trip to the gym won’t get you that beach bod, one meeting with us is definitely a catalyst– we also want to keep you going on those tough weeks too!

We’re Like BFFs Now, Yeah?

That BIG THING is coming up really, really soon, and you need some confidence, support, motivation and ideas to move forward. Think of this as an intensive for initiative and positive-risk taking – we’re more than an accountability buddy, we’ll be there like your morning coffee, every day, checking in and chatting about your goals and adventures, as well as reflecting on the previous day. We’re giving you semi-daily homework to accomplish (over-achievers out there, you get an A just for doing it!) and a goal map with mini-action items as well as dates for completion.

This option is great for people that want a surge of energy in their systems and lives, or have a presentation/interview/life-changing moment coming up.

Public Speaking Experience

Our new for 2020 individualized online coaching experience. Click here for more information.

See what other fabulous women have said about our one-on-one coaching

Spoke with Jen for an hour this AM about everything from life passions to salary negotiations, and I came away feeling more confident in the direction I’m heading.

After such an incredible conversation with Jen yesterday, I am still beaming from our brainstorming session & the amazing ideas she had for me & my business, @KAE_collection. We’ve already begun working on the suggestions she gave me. Such a great start to 2018!

I just had THE MOST AMAZING chat with Jen Oleniczak I’m walking away with so much more confidence in the work I plan on starting this year, so a HUGE thank you Jen! If you haven’t gotten with her to set up a meeting, I highly recommend you do so immediately!

I had a coaching session with Jen, and she’s a genie! She helped me work through some decisions I’ve been trying to make with a fresh new perspective. Ladies– if you have a business, need career advice, or need to talk through some tough decisions, don’t pass this up!

Had the honor and the pleasure of speaking to Jen this morning, re: career stuff! Hey, wait a second, maybe I *don’t* need to have it all figured out right this very second 😛

Oh my goodness. If you’re a leader or businessperson, get yourself some personal coaching I’ve learned more in the past hour than I’ve learned in months in business, no exaggeration. Thank you Jen for the work you do in coaching entrepreneurs, businesses, & leaders.

I found EE great at helping both with specific details and big picture plans. They are all easy to talk to and have a good variety of experiences to draw on – one session focused on my individual needs and felt more like a conversation than anything else  – they checked in with me the whole time to make sure everything was as useful as possible!

Interactive learning and so what, now what mentality – fun, how does it connect? And what do we do next?

Sure, what we do is super fun – we guarantee that you will laugh, a lot. So what? Our reflective style focuses on the so what – how does this fun activity tie into your everyday life. Take one of our favorite activities, Yes, And. It’s all about affirming and elevating – your partner pitches an idea for a new lip gloss. And you affirm and elevate everything they say, adding details with a Yes, And. They affirm and elevate everything you say, adding details with a Yes, And, until you have a glow in the dark lip gloss that is free to everyone on their 30th birthday and never, ever runs out.

Good laugh, right? Wildly creative?

Now apply Yes, And to that meeting when people aren’t listening, and you’re just trying to get everyone on the same page for this upcoming presentation. And you pull out Yes, And – and suddenly, everyone is listening, paying attention and adding to the idea. Instead of saying But and stopping creativity, you’re all working together, connecting those dots and maybe, just maybe, laughing a little along the way.

That’s our So What.

And since we know you have a busy schedule and while we want to see you every day all day, life happens – we provide a What Next plan for all programs. From handouts to activities and exercises to our YouTube Channel, we’re helping you focus on continuing education, and continuing your development. Because stagnancy isn’t who you are – you’re all about being that best version of yourself, and you know there isn’t some quiet end point.

Ready? Let’s start a conversation!