Improv + Communication Skills for Women

Looking for your voice? Start to find it with us. As women, we tend to find ourselves overthinking and trapped in our heads, focusing in on how we ‘should’ sound, what a strong communicator looks like, what answer would be perceived as the best one.

And the best one often is, be you.

In this class, we’ll take improv-based and public speaking activities to the next level and apply them to communication – whether that’s interpersonal impromptu communication, a conference session or meeting, or a networking event. We’ll encourage and help you to find your authentic communication and speaking style, stretching your muscles to increase flexibility, positive risk-taking and self-awareness, heightening our personal confidence. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your communication style, strengths and areas for growth, as well as a catalyst to begin that development.

This one-off class is open to cis and trans Women

Who will benefit?

Women looking to target their communication skills, specifically interpersonal communication and basic public speaking and presentation skills. If you’ve ever thought “I wish I said this” or “If only I thought of that!” this is a great place to start building those skills!

Upcoming Classes: Improv + Communication Skills for Women

6 Nov 7pm 9pm Wednesday, November 6 7 pm -9 pm 520 Spaces @ ART NY, 520 8th Avenue (3rd Floor), New York, NY
16 Nov 10am 12pm Saturday, November 16 10 am -12 pm Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th Street (12th Floor), New York, NY
12 Dec 7pm 9pm Thursday, December 12 7 pm -9 pm Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th Street (12th Floor), New York, NY
11 Jan 1pm 3pm Saturday, January 11 1 pm -3 pm Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th Street (12th Floor), New York, NY
16 Jan 7pm 9pm Thursday, January 16 7 pm -9 pm LA Workshop Space, 704 S Spring Street #405
29 Jan 7pm 9pm Wednesday, January 29 7 pm -9 pm Shetler Studios, 244 W. 54th Street (12th Floor), New York, NY


What is improv? Improv is simply responding and reacting to the world around you.

What should I prepare? Nothing! Just show up, ready to have fun and learn – improv is a workout for your brain!

What does improv teach? Improv teaches active listening, confidence, flexibility and the ability to pivot, impromptu speaking skills, attention, focus, public speaking, interpersonal communication skills, conversation and so much more!

What are improv skills? Improv skills can be summed up as anything that improv teaches. Most, if not all, improv skills are under the larger heading of communication skills. Many improv skills also fall under the larger category of life skills.

What is improv training? Improv training is the safe practice of the above skills – you essentially practice in an environment that you can step back and reflect on what didn’t work (and what did!) try new things and grow in a low-risk environment.

Can I get a certificate of completion for work reimbursement/credit? Sure thing! Just send us an email after the class.

Where are the classes located? We rent studio space in NYC, so check the address on the class, as well as your email within 24-hours of class!

Why does Improv help with Communication?Improv can help with your personal development in 4 main ways

  1. Interpersonal Communication Skills – Improv helps you practise you active listening skills, your responsonding and conversation – you get to practice without repercussion
  2. Public Speaking, Presentation and Pitch – Improv is a heightened reality where you can practice your presentation and find nuances
  3. Learn how to give and receive feedback:- Improv involves group and partner activities and giving feedback in a safe supportive environment is part of every activity
  4. Confidence – Improv builds confidence not only by embodying a “go for it” attitude, it helps you think about what risk ACTUALLY is


This class was excellent! Lawrese was a very engaging facilitator with lots of great personalized advice. I was impressed how much we covered in 2 hours. Now I just need to keep up the practice!

I really enjoyed this class with Jasmine. It was much more engaging and interactive than I expected – and surprisingly improv focused. From the games we played to the talks we gave, every part was a relevant learning experience to help give you the tools to be a better public speaker. Looking forward to more classes with the Engaging Educator to keep improving!

Thank you for encouraging us women to claim our voices and speak from a place of poise, control, and dignity. I’m really glad I attended!