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We offer a number of classes open to the public every month in New York, North Carolina, and California. Whether you are an educator, professional, student, or just curious–we teach everyone except actors. We find our classes are better suited to the person that is looking to enhance their life – whether it be professionally or socially – versus the actor. Let us know if you are looking for a good improv class for actors – we’re happy to tell you about our friends!

Because of our dedication to non-actors and continuing education, we’ve been named one of the 5 Best Places to Take Improv Classes in NYC!

Take a look at our New York Calendar, North Carolina Calendar, and California Calendar to find the right class for you!

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12dec7:00 pm- 9:00 pmUnHumble: How to Stop Playing Small and Be a BadassWednesday, December 127:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST 520 Spaces @ ART NY, 520 8th Avenue (3rd Floor), New York, NY



For those curious about Improv and what it can do for you, we encourage you to join this one-off course:

Improvisation isn’t just for actors and comedians – it’s for everyone. Even MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes as part of their required courses. Why? Improv education focuses on key skills in communication – public speaking, listening, presence, connection and focus. We communicate every day – and there is a difference between doing it habitually and doing it well and with intention. Heard of the ‘Yes, And’ idea elevation mentality in workplace communication, creativity and team-building? It’s all based in Improv.

During this class, our instructor will play with Improv education and YOUR goals. The first question we ask is WHY you’re here. Maybe you want to shake up your classroom. Maybe you are negotiating that big job. Maybe you’ve always been curious about improv. And maybe it’s just to have fun! Every class is focused on our participants as well as basic improv principles that improve communication – which means every class is different and customized for the individuals in the space.

This class is not meant for actors – it’s focused on how improv works to improv(e) your professional, social and personal life. Flexibility and the ability to “roll with it” are skills that can be learned! They are essential in public speaking, classroom settings, and pretty much all professional interactions, whether with co-workers or clients. Just look here for some unexpected lessons from a former student. So what are you waiting for? The worst that happens is you spend a night laughing a lot!


Ready for more than just one class? Did you take our one-off and want more? Join our specially designed 3-week improv class for the working professional and educator. We know improvisation is not just something for actors and comedians – our students are Marketers, Professors, VPs, Teachers, Executives, Associates, you name it! One thing they all have in common? They want to work on their professional skills through Improv Education.

Improv is all about communication! From listening skills and focus to public speaking and presence, improv builds confidence, enhances listening and responding skills, and encourages collaboration. It fosters positive ‘Yes, And’ mentality of team, versus the agenda driven “I”. It is all about the moment, the right now – essential to good communication.

We view improv like training at the gym for a marathon. You can’t go once and run thirteen miles or be immediately fit. People can’t just walk into a classroom, meeting room, interview or gallery and be present and captivating, capable of incredible flexibility and communication. By training your brain with improv, you are sharpening those skills and more. This three week class will enhance your skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, flexibility and specificity – leading to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when speaking or presenting.

Certificates are granted on request for workplace credit/reimbursement.


Have the time and don’t want to join a class of actors? We’ve got the class for you! We take our three-week program and raise the bar in this intensive six week program.

We got the request(S!) for a longer class, and we listened! How is this different than our three week class? We’re diving deeper into taking initiative, connecting with each other and the audience and enhancing active listening skills. We’ll check in three times on goals: in the beginning, halfway through and after the last class. Our Engagers will tailor and adjust the class focus to the student’s goals, and scaffold the curriculum to connect – so no two classes will ever be the same! This is an excellent class for individuals looking for more than three week or for teams to sign up together for an intensive experience.

Certificates are granted on request for workplace credit/reimbursement.


For those who have taken at least one three or six week improv class with The Engaging Educator, and want to continue the adventure:
We aren’t like the other improv schools – but we know the addictive power of improv. Our Level Ups are meant for anyone who has taken at least one improv class with us, and wants to keep on improv-ing. Please do not register if you are new to EE – we want you to know our style!

In Level Up, you will practice and build upon the ideas learned in our intro class. Our focus is always on strengthening communication skills and increasing your brain’s agility, but every Level Up is different! The chemistry and curriculum is based on who is in the room – and what they are personally working on through Improv. One of the great things about Level Up is being in a room full of people who already know the core of the material, and are committed to saying “Yes And” to taking the work to another level.

We have students that come once every few months, students who have been practicing with us since we started and students who just graduated from their first EE class. You’ll leave these classes bigger, faster and stronger – think of this as your workout at the brain gym!


Storytelling is rapidly becoming THE business skill to have. Whether you are pitching a product, a service or yourself, using a story is invaluable to reach a customer. But how do people go from an idea to a story that resonates with who they are as a person and how they connect to their audience?

This one off class will hit the basics of good and effective storytelling. Whether you are looking to sharpen your networking, develop an elevator pitch or have a tale to tell at the next meeting or class, we’ll provide the basic framework of creating and telling a great story. This class doesn’t just focus on the WHAT but also the HOW, incorporating our own brand of improv-based education for presentation skills specifically for storytelling. You’ll leave with personal feedback on how to get closer to great storytelling.

REPRESENT: Tell Your Story the Way You Want – 3 WEEK SERIES

Are you interviewing for a new job, networking your new idea, or connecting at conferences and meetings, and the mere thought about your elevator pitch gives you anxiety? Experts say you’ve got under 90 seconds to convince your listener to continue to listen – so you don’t have a second to spare with those nerves! Why don’t you improve your pitch with Improv?

This three-week class will focus on Personal and Creative Pitches through Storytelling and Improv. We’ll start by focusing on who you are and who you are talking to – and then work to connect words with your personal style, as well as polish and scaffold to your audience. There isn’t one right way to pitch yourself – we’ll work with you to develop a pitch that speaks to who you are, and how to keep refining that pitch to better embody your message! Participants will leave with a 90-second pitch and a whole lot of ideas for improvement!


Public speaking is feared more than death. We spend so much time preparing WHAT we are going to say that we fail to focus on the HOW. What does it take to make wooing a crowd look easy? And even if you don’t fear public speaking – are you good at it, or have you had an audience look through you?

Public speaking used to be accepted as a difficult skill possessed by and necessary for only a select few professions. All that has quickly changed over the past decade. TED Talks, once an exclusive closed room conference has become mainstream and watched by millions. Today, whatever your profession, the ability to stand in front of an audience and express your ideas and accomplishments, is not just admired but expected.

In this class, you’ll learn basic presentation skills essential to being a more interesting, present and focused speaker. We’ll practice activities and learn warm-ups that will not only build confidence but address that fear of public speaking and begin to teach the skills necessary to become an engaging speaker. Students also have the option (not required!) to bring a 90 second to 2 minute presentation they are working on to workshop in class, and all students receive individualized feedback from our facilitators.


Ready to level-up your presentation skills? Prepping for the big meeting, conference, interview? This is the class to get you thinking about how you present yourself and what your words mean – and how they are interpreted. Don’t be afraid to take the podium! This class will give you the tools to take your words to the stage with clarity, energy, and poise!

Through Improv-based activities, students will focus on their personal style for presenting, specifically pose, projection, cadence and enunciation, gestures, eye contact and the dreaded impromptu speaking. Over three-weeks, participants will be guided through activities to help them grow their presentations and style, focusing on HOW you say what you say, as well as any specific upcoming presentations. Participants are also invited to bring a ‘work in progress’ to focus on over the course of the class for feedback and refinement.


It’s time to dive in and speak out in our Presentation Skills Weekend Intensive! Working on a pitch? Polishing up a presentation? Bring it to this 4 hour class, and we will teach you how to make it shine! Through Improv-based activities, students will focus on their personal style for presenting, specifically pose, projection, cadence and enunciation, gestures, eye contact and the dreaded impromptu speaking.

Please bring 2 minutes of prepared content to work on in class. You will be guided through activities to help you edit content for narrative and storytelling, focusing on HOW you say what you say. You will leave with the tools to take your words to the stage with clarity, energy, and poise!

Please bring a snack for yourself so that we all make it through class happy and nourished.


This one-off class is open to cis and trans Women.

This new class takes our Improv and Presentation Skills classes to a very specific audience – our female students. Both our Founder Jen and many of our Engagers have been the only woman standing on stage in the boys club of comedy – so we get the need to create a safer space for women to speak up, take initiative and connect with their communication style.

In this class we’ll work on Improv as it connects to Communication Skills – whether that’s interpersonal communication or speaking at a conference or in a meeting room. We’ll stretch our communication muscles with Improv based activities guaranteed to increase self-awareness of our speaking selves. Like all of our classes, we connect with our audience and their needs – our only promise is you will leave this class energized and laughing.

We reserve several spots in each of our Improv + Communication Skills for Women classes for women who can’t afford the registration fee to attend for free! Do you work for an organization which serves women in the community? Are you looking to re-enter the workforce? Are you a member of an under-served community? Drop us a line! We’d love to have you in class.


Know that you have so much more to offer and either your age or the stereotype of “millennial” has got you pigeonholed? Or maybe you need some help figuring out what you want and how to work towards it? Have you tried to improv your way to figuring it out?

This three-hour intensive will use improv and presentation skill-based activities to work on career, networking and life goals. We’ll work to figure out a ‘want’ in one of these three areas (your choice!) and how to voice them – as well as how to work towards getting it. We’ll polish presentation skills when you are trying to get what you want, as well as speaking skills in everyday conversation so your message doesn’t get lost. Everyone will leave with a personal or professional pitch developed during the class and coached by the facilitator.

Due to the involved nature of this class as well as the importance of individualized attention, enrollment is limited to 10 students.