Want to learn more about how Improv is helping the workplace improve? Interested in how Improv can lead to better communicators and leaders?

Download our sample activity sheet!

Download our sample activity sheet!

Our experienced Engagers constantly find reflections and takeaways from individuals introduced to improvisation. We started the Resources page to fill it with hand-picked articles and discussions highlighting the incredible improv effect in our everyday lives. Whether you’re new to improvisation or searching for a way to convince your boss to say “Yes, and!”– let these stories be your guide:

Articles for Professionals

5 Reasons Studying Improv Will Make You Brilliant In Business
Startup Institute Blog, August 2016

Could Improv Troupes Become The New Creative Department?, July 2014
–Covers advantage of improv for higher-level organizational and marketing work

Can Improv Improve Marketing?, December 2014

10 Unexpected Career Lessons I Learned From Improv
Idealist Careers, September 2014
–BONUS: this article is from a former EE student

What Negotiators Can Learn from Improv Comedy
Balachandra & Wheeler. Harvard Negotiator, August 2006

Corporate Humor: Taking Improv Acting Classes to Sharpen Business Communication Skills, September 2014

How Improv Comedy Can Seriously Grow Your Business
Entrepenuer Magazine, August 2014

Articles for Educators

3 Ways Improv Can Help Improve Students
Triad Moms On Main, March 2017

Improvising Your Teaching Skills
Journal of Museum Education, January 2016

5 Key Leadership Skills Students Learn From Class Presentations
Noodle, December 2015

7 Things Students Can Learn from Acting Classes
Noodle, October 2015

Improv Helps Ph.D.’s Explain Their Work—and Loosen Up
The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2014

Improv Helps Rollins College Professor Teach Life Lessons
Orlando Sentinal, November 2014

Improve Your Teaching
Art Museum Teaching, January 2013
–Our founder combines her passions of Improv and Museum Education

When Winging It Works
Education Update, July 2015

Improv Improves

What I Learned From Improv Class
–Scott Berkun is a renowned public speaker who frequently refers to improv training as one of the best methods for improving communication skills

What Michael Bay’s Meltdown At Samsung Can Teach Us, January 2014

“Improv comedy is your best friend. It is the skill of taking a key word or concept and running with an unscripted story.”

Youth gain confidence, team skills through improv
Hometown Life of O&E Media, December 2014


Improvisation for Scientists: Workshops by Alan Alda and the Center for Communicating Science

“This video provides a glimpse of workshops Alan Alda led in 2009 for Stony Brook University graduate students, using improvisational theater games to help them connect more directly and personally when they discuss their work The Center for Communicacting Science, a cooperative effort of Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, is continuing to explore this approach.”

Time to Elevate
TEDxWinstonSalemWomen, October 2016
-Jen explores the competitive lifestyle of women and the concept of elevating each other through “Yes And”.

Failing at Work : Working at Failing
TEDxMelville, February 2015
–Our founder Jen Oleniczak discusses the importance of risk-taking in work and in life

TEDxCortland, November 2013
–Our founder’s first TEDx talk about how Improv can Improv(e)


Radiolab Presents: TJ & Dave

Radiolab, December 2013

“In this short, Robert Krulwich and producer Sean Cole talk to TJ and Dave about stepping into the unknown, take a peek into one of their performances, and discover a very unusual strategy for dealing with the stress of having no idea what’s going to happen: just assume it’s been happening all along.”

When The Art Of The Deal Includes Improv Training
National Public Radio, December 2012
–On the benefits of taking on these new behaviors and attitudes to the professional environment

Improv For Alzheimer’s: A Sense Of Accomplishment.
National Public Radio, August 2011

In the News

Arts Council Aims To Change Communities One Mini-Grant At A Time
88.5 WFDD, October 2016
– Feature on JFK High School Teen Facilitation Event

Life Lessons From a Month of Improv
Huffington Post, August 2015
– Our founder reflects on teaching 150+ hours of improv

5 Best Places To Take Improv Classes In NYC
CBS New York, February 2015
–Our Improv class ranks one of the top options in New York City

Jen Oleniczak brings improv into the classroom
AM New York, October 2014
–The Engaging Educator is featured in AM New York