Strengthen Your Small Talk

Join founder Jen Brown for a crash course in improving your small talk skills with Strengthen Your Small Talk, a new program for folks looking to level up those interpersonal moments that are usually filled with dread. Start getting excited about small talk – and feeling like you’re connecting in a real way.

How many times have you gotten ready to go to a networking event only to get there and spend all your time by the snacks, avoiding people?

Or how about showing up at the company party or breakfast and you’re suddenly hit with nothing to talk about?

Or the worst: you have goals and things to talk about, but you don’t know how to get in or out of a single conversation. HALP!

Don’t worry if this sounds just like you, you’ve landed in the right place.

You are so close to being a small talk success: not in the used car salesman kind of way, but in the authentic to you kind of way!

Introducing Strengthen Your Small Talk: A 4-session self-guided online program to help you excel in every day impromptu interpersonal communication.

Session 1: You’ll tap into your personal small talk style and start to build skills like active listening and thoughtful responding.

Session 2: We’ll start tapping into your audience, thinking about what they want from you and what you want from them – and how to make it work for both of you.

Session 3: Ever get stuck or trapped in a conversation, or had so much to offer but no way into the conversation? We’ll work on entrances and exits.

Session 4: Conversation topics! Let’s create a list of great topics that work for you as well as topics you should avoid. We’ll give you some of our favorites and a template to brainstorm more.

Each session concludes with optional video homework you can turn in for individualized feedback from Jen.

From the first exercise to the last, I could immediately feel my communication getting clearer and more impactful. Even weeks after the class I realize that I’m doing these tips subconsciously!

This is SO GREAT. Actionable tools, no hint of prescriptive/one size fits all advice. Strong focus on many of the things people gloss over when “preparing”. I’ll be noodling on this for a while!

I was in a better place IMMEDIATELY and had a networking event that same week – and felt good about my improvement!


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