Who We’ve Improv(e)d!

some of the companies we’ve improv(e)d

“This session was the first of its kind that I have ever attended. The Improv(e) sessions reignited my confidence in social settings, and taught me many useful communication skills. I loved learning that all people have similar wants and fears when it comes to trying to connect with others. This year I will be attending many conferences for work, where I will need to network with other decisions makers and build invaluable relationships. Because of EE, I now feel better prepared and more confident to make the most out of these experiences, which will help me grow professionally. I couldn’t have attended her workshop at a better time!”

Emeka Anazia, Owner Of Acing The Undergrad

“We had a great time — and the exercises we did were so great because we were somewhat familiar with a couple of them, and yet practicing them again with everyone in attendance (because this is not normally the case on Mondays in the office) added really good, wholesome energy to the mix. After a long day of exercises and meeting with the whole ImageThink team for our offsite before our improv session with EE, it was a really refreshing and energizing way to end our workday. All in all a super creative and mind-stretching session — and we all had so much fun, you could hear the laughter all the way down the hall.”

Julia Blasius, Image Think

“The weekend was fantastic! EE brought so much value to our ambassadors. They did an excellent job of tying in their purpose of the weekend while also giving them excellent tools and skills that they can take with them to utilize beyond being a charity: water ambassador. We were so pleased with the session and so impressed with their ability to captivate, energize and engage a tired group of 25!”

Anna Azarjew, Charity:Water

“I had an incredible time learning from you over the past 8 weeks. I am sad that the course has come to an end – Wednesdays were the highlight of my week! In a short time, you have made a major impact in my presenting, confidence level, and career as a whole. I used some of your tips and skills from class during a recent panel that I spoke on and it was a great success!”

Workshop participant, HBO/Time Warner

“What a wonderful opportunity it was to work with the Engaging Educator! Our group consisted of future leaders in our organization who had never had this type of training and never realized what simple techniques they could use to communicate more effectively. They provided excellent feedback to our leadership group and engaged each person in an individual analysis of their personal pitch. We wished we could have spent more time with her that day and were already thinking about booking them for the next group. We can’t wait to work with you again!”

Corporate Client, Financial Services

“It was an awesome workshop! Afterward, our team went to lunch nearby and everyone raved about our time with EE.”

Rachel Renfo, Buyer Relationship Manager, Etsy

“They were like a whirlwind sweeping through our offsite training. From the outset, jumping around and exuding effortless confidence. The selection of games worked PERFECTLY for our team. They kept the momentum high, with active involvement, but in such a way that each team member got some personal time. We would hire them back for a repeat performance in a second!”

Simon Dean, Global Director of Creative Strategy, Qubit


Workshop participant, Google

“Thank you for facilitating such a meaningful learning experience. Looking forward to our three month reunion and hearing about everyone’s wins and successes!”

Workshop participant, Bloomberg

“On behalf of Womankind staff, I’d like to thank you both for contributing to the success of yesterday’s workshop at our direct services staff meeting. You are EXCEPTIONAL! The workshop was engaging and thought-provoking – AND fun and dynamic. I really appreciate what you brought to our space. We’d love to have you as a long-term partner!”

Workshop participant, Womankind, NYC

“The class [ Leading from Where You Are: Women in Leadership Roles] was intimate, non judgmental and fun and the instructor Jill is fantastic. The exercises were challenging, made me think on my feet, and created situations that made me exercise my leadership muscles. This class is super valuable for anyone looking to be in or are in a leadership position. I came away with a lot of helpful tips and tools to use and it gave me real insights on the skills and mindset I would need to cultivate. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone that wants to gain insight into what good leadership entails and exercise their leaderships skills.”

Catherine, Goldman Sachs